Congratulations on reaching the point where the pain of addiction had made you feel desperate enough to want to stop. We’ve been where you are now. We know this could be the start of a wonderful new adventure for you, and we are ready to help.

We Understand the Pain of Addiction

The pain you or your loved one is suffering is familiar to us. All of the members of our team have been in this position – either as the person caught up in addiction (90 per cent of us) or the loved one trying to help. There will be aspects of the situation unique to you, but we understand this type of suffering intimately. Alcoholics describe how this substance gave them wings but then took away the sky – the same could be said about all types of addiction. Like you, we were tricked into believing that mind-altering substances would make things easier. It came as a huge blow to discover that the thing we looked upon as our best friend was actually our worst enemy. We understand you will have concerns about the future and may be dealing with shame related to your past. Breaking free of addiction means you get to enjoy a new start in life. You will learn from the mistakes of the past, and use this experience to build a brighter tomorrow.

The Treatment Plan to Suit Your Exact Needs

We will make sure that you have the resources you need to make this work. It is better if you treat this as your last chance to escape (it really could be), so you do everything possible to increase your chances of success. This means considering options such as: • Inpatient Rehab Centers in Florida • Alcohol rehab centers in Florida • Drug rehab centers in Florida • Medical Detox – for all drugs and alcohol • Outpatient rehab • Behavioral addiction rehabilitation programs – this includes internet addiction, gambling problems, eating disorders, compulsive shopping, or sex/intimacy addiction We are only interested in offering you with the treatment options that fit your exact needs. In our experience, the one-size-fits-all approach to recovery is less effective. We only deal with high quality recovery programs where the emphasis is on providing individualized treatment plans. Our expert team is able to see beyond the sales-pitches used to promote these facilities to find out if they really deliver what they promise.

Recover From Addiction in the Right Environment

We have been helping people like you break free from addiction for a long time. We’ve noticed that environment in which treatment is provided makes a real difference. This is why we will only send you to a rehab program where you are likely to feel comfortable and relaxed. These facilities will provide: • Luxurious furnishings and appealing decor • The most competent and dedicated recovery professionals in the nation • Staff members who are caring as well capable • A therapeutic atmosphere where you will feel at home • Evidence-based treatment using trusted and proven methods • Choice of accommodation including private rooms and single-sex dorms • Suitable food that you will want to eat – many of our rehab centers have 5 star chefs. • Amenities such as; swimming pools, fitness gyms, in-house cinema, libraries, and landscaped gardens. • Therapeutic and fun activities such as; yoga, aerobics classes, hiking, massage therapy, reiki, cycling, and even white water rafting!

A New Vision for You

This is an opportunity for you or your loved one to escape the downward spiral of addiction. By taking this next step, you open up a whole world of possibilities. Once you regain control over your life, you will be free to follow the path that will take you to true happiness and fulfillment – a wonderful future is within your grasp. We hope you feel excited by the prospect of entering the most adventurous chapter in your life so far. Contact us now so together we can figure out how you are going to make this a reality. We feel privileged to have been involved in thousands of ‘miracle stories’, and we want you to be our next miracle.

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